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French Lunch came up with a mission to provide healthy, delicious, and authentic French lunches and other ready-to-eat, ultra-convenient meals to-go right here in Canada. Our special feature is a French Lunch meal that includes a starter, main course and dessert. It’s perfect for both the classroom and the office: all of the containers we use are microwave-safe, so a delicious, hot, three-course lunch is ready for you in a couple of minutes.

Our starter and dessert containers are recyclable, and fit into a regular lunch bag. French Lunch’s main course comes in two sizes – a school and office size that’s enough for two elementary school children or one adult, and our special hungry bear or share size, which can be shared between two adults, or can (hopefully) feed one teenager.

Not a fan of microwaving? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. French Lunch dinners are oven-ready meals. Our dinner menu offers French culinary classics like escargot, potato au gratin, coq au vin, beef provençal, ratatouille, crêpes Suzette, cannelés de Bordeaux, and other Canadian and European favourites. We have a lot of freshly-cooked and precisely frozen items — the healthiest way to preserve a meal cooked from scratch.